“One of the best of its kind, a most readable, informative and entertaining account of various aspects of city life. The prose is always sharp and clear . . . A really nice piece of work that shows literary talent, solid research and a sense of humor.”—Barry Wallace of the Fairfield Citizen

“From P.T. Barnum’s frequent publicity stunts to ‘Pogo’ cartoonist Walt Kelly’s political satire, Eric D. Lehman’s new book offers insights into Bridgeport’s past.”—Brad Durrell in the Bridgeport News

Bridgeport: Tales from the Park City

Bridgeport: Tales from the Park City highlights the most fascinating yarns from the history of Connecticut's largest metropolis. Bridgeport's most famous citizen, P.T. Barnum, was a consummate storyteller who wove fact and myth together. In this collection of historical narratives, we find true stories stranger than legends, wonders like an elephant plowing fields by the train station or a plane flying over Long Island Sound two years before the Wright Brothers. There are stories of old fashioned American gumption, triumph over the odds, and heart-breaking tragedy. But most of all, Tales from the Park City confirms how the people of this "arsenal of the nation" have always reached for the stars, because in Bridgeport, we live in the vanguard of the possible.

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