Despite the apparent simplicity, Great Pan is Dead is a mystifying book that begs to be re-read to grasp its intricacies.

- Danielle McManus, San Francisco Book Review

A series of nine small meditations on a theme, Great Pan is Dead is ideal for allowing readers to work in some contemplative moments between the events of their daily lives.

- Jeanne Griggs, Necromancy Never Pays

In Great Pan is Dead, Eric D. Lehman excavates Greek myth, revisits teenage romance and divines meaning in coincidence, friendships, and the moment.

- Russell Bennets, founder and editor of Berfrois

Lehman’s Great Pan is Dead is just the kind of refleciton we need: It asks big questions rather than providing facile answers, told in a voice that looks back critically and compassionately on his own yout. Lehman offers us stories of humanity’s greates conundrums, the great wrestling match between agency and fate, coincidence and divine plan.

- Theodore Richards, author of A Letter to my Daughters

Like all great New England writers, Eric Lehman knows that existence is saturated with meaning, and that our lives can be read as a sublime narrative, albeit one where the proper interpretation can allude us. Along the way, however, he invites us to illuminate our story telling in the gentle glow of coincidence, finding a significance in our own stories just beneath the surface.

- Ed Simon, author of America and Other Fictions