“The Insiders’ Guide to Connecticut is the single best guide to the treasures of Connecticut ever done.”—Faith Middleton, on The Faith Middleton Show

“Even native Nutmeggers will find something new in this Connecticut guide.”—Sandi Kahn Shelton, in the New Haven Register







“We must first become patriots of a small plot of earth, then a watershed, then a township, a county, a state. We must love, and love deeply, the people around us and the earth we stand on. Only then can we be in the real and truest sense patriots of a nation, and hopefully of the human race.”

                                          - Eric D. Lehman, Insiders Guide to Connecticut

Insiders' Guide to Connecticut

The Insiders' Guide to Connecticut is the essential source for in-depth travel information for visitors and locals to the Nutmeg State. Explore colonial history and extraordinary landmarks.Wander along back roads and country lanes. Bask in the shoreline’s beaches and savor the cuisine. Comprehensive listings of attractions, restaurants, and accommodations anchor a book full of countless details on shopping, arts & entertainment, and children’s activities. It also includes a full section on how to live and thrive in the area, from recreation to relocation. This personal and practical perspective of our state makes it a must-have guide for travelers as well as residents looking to rediscover their home state.

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