Twenty Four Hours of Reading

Friday to Saturday we had the 24 hour readathon for the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read. We had it in the Social Room of the Student Center of the University of Bridgeport, and President Neil Salonen kicked off the reading that went on and on and on.

Thanks to Kathy Maher, Rebekah Harriman, Amy Nawrocki, Colin Fricke, Katrina Coakley, Rosemary Landano, and a host of others who came for hours at a time to make this a success. I can't possibly list everyone here - there were almost 300 attendees and over 100 readers.

I will have a video of the experience soon, though next year (!) I hope to have it professionally done.

24 Hour Readathon

We still have a couple of weeks before the 24 Hour Readathon here at the University of Bridgeport. There's an article on the UB home page today.

This photo is actually me reading at the International Poetry reading a couple years ago. I don't have any readathon pictures yet, because we've never done it before! This is an exciting new opportunity, and heralds a new age in UB's outreach to the community. The readathon will be held in the Student Center Social Room, which has hosted speakers like Malcolm X and bands like Duke Ellington's. Should be a blast.