“Tireless chronicler of all things Connecticut, Lehman along with his wife and co-author serve up a feast full of surprises. Recipes are generously sprinkled throughout the chapters, and a central section of color photos will bring on drooling.”—Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin

A History of Connecticut Food: A Proud Tradition of Puddings, Clambakes & Steamed Cheeseburgers

What is Connecticut food? Which crops, livestock and seafood have shaped the complex cuisines that its people have cherished for more than four centuries? This exciting investigation will please every food lover who appreciates the story behind a meal and every budding chef who longs for the secrets of favorite local dishes. With traditional recipes, reinterpretations and fascinating new classics, there's something here for all tastes, from familiar comforts like chicken potpie and fried oysters to curious concoctions like Grape-Nuts pudding and steamed cheeseburgers. Authors Eric D. Lehman and Amy Nawrocki open the mind and the mouth in this comprehensive history of Connecticut food.

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