“Because of Lehman's work, and others in the Nexus series, perhaps now, at last, Miller's Inhumans can take their rightful place, between the Lost Generation and the Beats, where they belong.”—James T. Patterson, “Stirring the Pot on Henry Miller”

In addition to contributing regularly to The Wayfarer, Edible Nutmeg, Empty Mirror Books, and Berfrois, in his spare time, Lehman pursues Henry Miller scholarship, writing for Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal and Henry Miller: New Perspectives.

Recently, he was happy to contribute to and help edit Yankee Magazine's illustrated and Comprehensive guide to New England, with over 400 essential things to see and do in this beautiful region of America. Order it on Barnes and Noble or Amazon today!

Eric was also proud to write the narrative for Caryn B. Davis's beautiful photography book, A Connecticut Christmas.

Lehman's work has appeared in the many other publications, including the following: The Writer Magazine, Gastronomica, Garbanzo, Wilderness House Literary Review, Umbrella, Phi Kappa Phi FORUM, Venture Magazine, Identity Theory, Quinnipiac Valley Times, Rackehanen Fly Fishing Journal, Hackwriters, Knightlines, Housatonic Quill, Post Road Review, Embodied Effigies, Shanti Arts, Strong Verse, The New Formalist, Hemingway's Shotgun, Paper Wasp, The Shantytown Anomaly, Red River Review, Ultraverse, Simply Haiku, Moria, Mastodon Dentist, Mobius, ken*again, Cause and Effect, Switchback, Nature's Wisdom, Antique Trader, Canopic Jar, SNReview, Entelechy, T-Zero, Bull, Hamden Community News, Shoreline Times, Communion, The Fourth River, Coastal Connecticut, Queen Mob's Teahouse, and Wildness: Voices of the Sacred Landscape.