"Eric D. Lehman has done a public service for residents of the Nutmeg State with his new book, Connecticut Vanguards." - Alan Bisbort, Waterbury Republican-American

Connecticut Vanguards is a thoughtful look at some of the pioneering personalities of the Constitution State.” - Dirk Langeveld, The Day

Noah Webster, Charles Goodyear, P.T. Barnum and Katharine Hepburn all have Connecticut in common. Like so many other residents, they had an inventive spirit and drive that changed the course of history for the rest of the state. Some of the state's natives, like Eli Whitney and Henry C. Lee, pioneered new methods. Prudence Crandall and Helen Keller championed the rights of the underprivileged. Some, like Frederick Law Olmsted and Sol LeWitt, changed our perception of the world. Connecticut Vanguards chronicles the lives of two dozen men and women who left their marks on Connecticut and the world as a whole.

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