I have a new 'scholarly' publication at Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal. This is a fine journal with a noble purpose: to rescue the author Henry Miller from the dismissive, modernist critics of the 20th Century, the dismissive, puritanical folks who banned him, and even the welcoming, uncritical critics who embraced him.

RC, at the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company, states about my essay in Volume 6:

"In Miller’s Colossus Of Maroussi, the Greek landscape is described with a grand and pronounced lyrical style, which seems uncharacteristic when one considers the city-centered novels that preceded it. In this essay, Lehman suggests that this change was influenced by Miller’s reading of Richard Jeffries’ The Story of My Heart, which viewed the English countryside for its social and spiritual symbolism, and not merely as geography. Through Story (which he read before writing Maroussi), Miller found a kindred spirit in Jeffries, whom he wrote about in his Books In My Life. Several key links are made between the two books, including the portrayal of natural landscape as having a transformative effect on human character and soul."

He also gives a good rundown of the contents of the journal.