The Round Table

As you can see, the author's 'round table' I participated in at Fairfield Borders Bookstore was neither round nor table. In reality, it was a gathering of authors, designed to bring out the maximum number of fans. The ploy worked, since many people came out to see (probably) Marie Bostwick, Litchfield author and New York Times bestseller. But they left buying my book, too.

I had a great little discussion with all the authors there, and particulary with a British expat who had flown with the RAF in World War II. His name currently escapes me, but I'll remember it when I get his signed book for Xmas.

Thanks to all who attended! This was my last "public" appearance this autumn, though I also just appeared on Bridgeport Now, and will be doing several 'private' appearances for local groups coming up in December and January. By then the Hamden book may be finished and the next round will soon begin. The author's life is a busy life.