Sixth Sense

Okay, I try not to simply post everything I see on the web. I watch these TED lectures all the time and see wonderful stuff happening in both the world of ideas and the world of invention. But this is "jaw-dropping" new technology, developed by a 28 year old grad student at MIT named Pranav Mistry. Earlier he developed intelligent sticky notes, etc. There is an April lecture by his MIT professor, as well, which highlights some of the stuff. But this new one is better.

The embed function isn't up yet, so click here to be taken to the TED site.

This invention/development could be the next revolution, akin to the personal computer revolution or the internet. I'm completely blown away. What is most amazing to me is that all the component parts make sense to me, but I never would have thought to put them together (nor would have had the technical skill to pull it off, obviously). This is the heart of invention. When Eli Whitney began the American Industrial Revolution here in Hamden, Connecticut, he was merely building on what others were doing, and taking what others had done and applying that in a new way.

What can YOU see that others cannot?