The Forge

This is the restored "forge" at the Eli Whitney Factory in Hamden, Connecticut. A beautiful building itself, I am also struck by the beauty of forging. Recently, at the Renaissance Faire in Massachusetts, I once again had the opportunity to watch the forging of metals (to create swords in that case). Three times I've done it myself, creating a knife, a candle holder, and a crowbar. This ancient technology is nothing short of miraculous, and I encourage everyone to both witness and try it. Make an attempt to understand the process, the amazing way that heat changes the structure of the substances, and allows us to create tools.

We take so much for granted that people even a hundred years ago did not. Make an attempt at understanding the processes that create "civilized" experience and you will take less for granted. Take nothing for granted, and you will be surprised at the rich intricacy of human life.