A Tale of Evolution and Revolution

An article by Francois Steichen, a noted wine expert and writer, has come out in the Greenwich Citizen, called Connecticut Wines: A Tale of Evolution and Revolution. We met Francois at the Hopkins Barrel Tasting event, and he included our book in this tour-de-force defense of the blossoming Connecticut Wine Industry.

My favorite bit (that doesn't talk about our book):

"I would never suggest that Connecticut wines are "world-class," if by that it means that they will rival Hermitage, Piedmont, Rioja, the Mosel or the Rutherford Bench for complexity. Then again, while I would never pass up an invitation to dine at Jean-Georges, neither would I tell a friend who is offering me a perfectly-grilled steak with spring corn and a baked potato, 'Sorry, chum, but tonight, it's fast-food for me. The price is right, the service is in-and-out, and I won't waste time savoring the experience afterwards.'

In other words, it is downright ignorant to overlook Connecticut wines while simultaneously reaching for over-processed grape syrup on toast of the $12 to $15 ilk. There are few, if any, downright unpalatable wines made anymore in Connecticut. Moreover, the wines have a freshness that is only found in locally made products."