The Beavers Down the Street

Amy and I were out walking the other day, and we saw this fresh beaver activity not three miles from our house. They raised the water level about 6 inches with three small dams like this. Below is their lodge, with a couple neighbors.

Here is a small tree they chewed down, although mostly their dams seemed to be fallen branches. I guess the recent hurricanes and snowstorms have given them material.

I hesitate to say where I saw these wonderful beaver dams and chews. I know there are some who aren't fans, and might kill them because of their destructive activity, especially here in the suburbs. But when spring comes, everyone will see them and no doubt someone will report our furry rodent  friends. It won't be me, though. For now, I will enjoy the knowledge that these once omnipresent Connecticut residents are back, even right down the street in the most populated areas of the state.