Joey Garlic's

Tried Joey Garlic's (the Newington one) for the first time a few months ago. Good pies, with a little bit of nice brick oven charring on the bottom. They offer "New Haven Style" but I can't taste that they are actually using coal-fired ovens like Sally's or Pepe's. The pizza is also a little thicker than at either of those two places. Essentially they are splitting the difference between a New Haven Style and regular brick oven pizza from a crappy chain restaurant. The result is very good, but not as good as true New Haven Style. Five thousand times better than a place like Bertucci's, though.

They also have too many things on their menu, without really doing anything interesting with most of them. Mostly Italian dishes done in a fairly traditional (meaning American-Italian restaurant) way. Their milkshakes, on the other hand, are divine. This is a great Connecticut restaurant chain that could be even better. Here me guys? You're almost there. Just cut down the menu a little and get more inventive with what's left.