Disaster Preparedness

Great post at Worn Through about the disaster preparedness programs and exhibits that the Barnum Museum has put on since the 2010 tornado. The wisdom Kathy Maher and the museum staff have acquired since then is legendary, and it's good to see a little shout out to their work.

As New York City prepares for a potential hit by Hurricane Sandy, many of the local museums and institutions have been reviewing their disaster plans to ensure that they are ready in the event of an emergency. Last summer on the very day that we were shaken by a rare earthquake, I sat in on a somewhat ironically, pre-scheduled disaster preparedness meeting at the Museum of the City of New York. Although admittedly, emergency preparation can be a tedious topic, the recent focus on emergency planning has reminded me of the creative and engaging programming that the Barnum Museum has put together since they have been in recovery mode from tornado damage to their institution in June of 2010...READ MORE.