Dinner at The Tombs

While in Washington D.C., we had dinner at The Tombs, one of Georgetown University's classic spots. What may not be known to this generation, as it is to mine, is that The Tombs is most likely the inspiration for the bar called "St. Elmo's Fire" in the movie of the same name.
Watching the film today, it certainly does not have the glorious momentousness that it did at the time, and leaves me questioning my own choice to purchase a poster of said film during my freshman year of college, and to hang it on my dorm room wall. However, my wife and I still enjoyed visiting this spot, it being "of our generation," so to speak. I didn't tell her what the place was until we were inside, and I asked her what other film was set in Georgetown (we had just visited the Exorcist steps). She knew immediately...and knew where we were and felt the mystical resonance of the 1980s take hold.