Lobster Shack, Branford

Stopped by the Lobster Shack in Branford on their opening day yesterday, furthering my quest to ascertain the best lobster roll in the state. (Hot Lobster Roll, of course - or I should state correctly and fully, "Connecticut Hot Lobster Roll")

Despite misspelling "Hooray" I was impressed with their authenticity and location on the inlet in Branford. The boats in front of the old factory was quintessential Connecticut.

As for the roll itself, well, they used a grinder roll, which I am more and more convinced is the right way to go. They did not use too much butter, and added more lemon than usual, something my wife was very appreciative of. Alas, the meat itself was a bit on the rubbery side. So, a very good lobster roll, but not the best. That title still goes to Lobster Landing in Clinton.