When Pigs Fly BBQ Cafe

Enjoyed a meal at the tiny and charming When Pigs Fly in Sharon, Connecticut recently. Solid pork shoulder sliders (below).

Their Shoepeg corn pudding (below) was a treat unusual in this part of the country (our corn pudding is significantly different.)

And the ribs (below) were good, as well, though perhaps not as 'fall-off-the-bone' as Uncle Willie's or a couple other Connecticut establishments.

I do have a question. I know 'southern bbq' is a marketing tool. But how many great bbq places does a state have to have before 'Connecticut bbq' is a viable name? Of course, in the case of When Pigs Fly they are also marketing themselves (via their web address) as 'Hudson Valley BBQ.' That's fine, too...but make a choice. You're a Connecticut bbq place that is both Hudson Valley bbq AND Southern bbq at the same time? Hmm...identity crisis?