White Leaf Press Anthology

My wife is in the new White Leaf Press anthology of poets from Britain and America. You can find her work in Issue 5. The poem is called "Some Things are Best Left." Here's what editor Stephen Brown said of the piece:

"The ghost that walks through Amy Nawrocki’s poem is the memory of a failed relationship, presented as an unfinished painting: ‘two figures in the half green / landscape of the canvas.’ The two ghostly figures in the poem are indistinct, ‘a blank space emerges.’ Amy suggests that ‘the colours are trying to shade in what is really blank.’

When the speaker urges in the last stanza to ‘Look over and finish the scene,’ one wonders whether it is addressed to the reader or the lover, but the intimacy is lacking in the end and the white space suggests coldness, the emptiness that remains. But as Amy says, ‘Even after it is over, or when we move on, the brush strokes are still there, however subtly.’"