Abbott's Lobster in the Rough and the Hamburger Bun Lobster Roll

When we visit Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, it is primarily to get their steamed lobsters. No matter how much practice we get at home, we never seem to get the lobsters as good as they do. I heartily recommend Abbott's for that, for the awesome bisque (above) and for its wonderful setting on the docks in Noank.

However, I have a bone to pick with them about their hot lobster rolls. Why, why, why do it in the hamburger roll? It looks cool (see above) but is utterly impractical. The meat falls out, the butter doesn't work, etc. It is not a pleasant eating experience. A cold lobster roll might actually work this way, since the mayo binds the pieces together, keeping them in the roll like a chicken salad sandwich. But I wouldn't put a bunch of tiny pieces of chicken sans mayo between two pieces of loose bread, and the same goes for lobster. Get some nice small grinder rolls, toast them, and then you can compete for the best hot lobster roll in Connecticut (see below).

Johnny Ad's Drive In

Stopped by Johnny Ad's Drive In in Old Saybrook for dinner the other night. The lobster bisque was so rich and buttery - maybe too rich!

The lobster roll, on the other hand, was not as buttery as some, so you could really taste the lobster.

The waffle fries were absolutely delicious - some of the best we've had. The cheese sauce they serve on the side is unnecessary.

The codfish tacos were also good. P.S. We took some of this home - it was a lot to eat! There is no skimping on the portions.

Will they make it into the next edition of Insiders' Guide? They are certainly a great candidate!