Roseland Apizza

After hearing so many good things about Roseland Apizza in Derby Amy and I had to try it out. So, we went, and got a mozzarella and garlic pizza. It was very good. Was it as some say as good as the New Haven pizzas (Pepe's, Sally's, Modern, Bar). No. Not even close. It was very good local pizza - probably the best in Derby and the surrounding area. But I can name better pizzas in the county without going to New Haven's elite - Zuppardi's in West Haven, Little Rendevouz in Meriden...even Eli's Brick Oven on Whitney has a less greasy, richer slice. I would go back for another pizza there, definitely. Don't get me wrong! But to rate this above many others in the county is impossible.

Pizza on the Grill

Pizza on the grill is my new thing. It is surprisingly easy, with only a flip of the dough and then application of sauce and cheese after half the time has elapsed. It seems to work better with a thicker crust pizza, though, and less so with a New Haven style thin crust. Alas!

The Little Rendezvous

Finally made it to the Little Rendezvous on Pratt Street in Meriden the other day. The oven (pictured below) has been in operation since 1880, and in 1938 it began baking pizza pies. That makes it possibly the oldest (operating) brick oven in the state.

It is one of the best places in the state to get coal-fired, New Haven style thin crust chewy center pizza like the one pictured below.

It was delicious. The Little Rendezvous is clearly one of the state's best pizza joints. And it is a 'joint' make no mistake. It is no fancy restaurant, but who cares when the pizza is this darn good. Next time we'll try their anchovy pie.