Coney Island Baby

Amy and I visited Coney Island the other day, and pretty much did all the classic Coney Island activities, starting with lunch at Nathan' dogs and cheese fries.

We walked out to the end of the pier, we visited the aquarium (still in bad shape after Hurricane Sandy), we rode the Cyclone, and we rode the giant ferris wheel.

We also went to the side show (below), as a sort of homage to Tom Thumb. It was actually an entertaining little show - fire eating, sword swallowing, nails "driven" into the nose, eating a balloon, juggling knives...and best of all, Amy getting taken up on stage for an act where they ran electricity through her and lit a torch from her finger, and then her tongue. Boy, what I would give for a photo of that (but none were allowed).

Coney Island is not what it once was, I'm told, but what is? The creepy guy (below) still rules over a kingdom of fun and sun, right in the heart of old New York.