Fette Sau

While in Brooklyn, I stood in line for two hours to eat the fantastic barbecue of Fette Sau.


The sausage was good, the brisket was amazing, and the pork cheek was fantastic.

Also tried their duck, which was very good, though I still think the one my wife and I make is better.

Would I spend two hours again? I don't think so. There are other barbecue/smokehouse places in Connecticut that are nearly as good, and with certain items are just as good. I mean, Uncle Willie's comes to mind immediately. Maybe the brisket at Fette Sau was better, but the ribs at Willie's are unearthly, and I don't have to wait two hours. So, I'm glad I went, but let me tell you New Yorkers, you don't know what you are missing as far as barbecue. And I'm very sure there are better ones around the United States, but Fette Sau's location in the center of the universe (according to some) gives it an advantage that put it higher on the list than it should be.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Had a great time hanging out in Williamsburg the other day. Especially the oysters and Chablis and visiting the local biergarten.

We enjoyed the hipsters, especially since I had just read Joe Mande's  Look at that F@#$$% Hipster.

I thought that the mannequin with the horse head was a particularly nice touch.

Diner, Brooklyn

Ventured over the border to Diner in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. As you can see, there is no sign outside, and unless you know it exists, you might miss it.

Inside is the shell of a beat-up diner, of course, but the food is all beautifully prepared, fresh, farm-sourced deliciousness.

Fried smelt and beef carpaccio...

Guinea hen! (You can see how the sun was setting by the darkness in these next photos.)

Arctic Char...

And rabbit legs...not one piece of this wonderful meal let us down - a totally solid meal.

Connecticut Muffin

Visited Connecticut Muffin the other day in Brooklyn. It's so often that here in CT we get "New York Bagels" or "Texas Barbecue" that it was nice to see us exporting something, even if it is only our name. To the residents of Brooklyn perhaps Connecticut is a magical place, with rolling hills and trees, where fresh-faced bakers create the day's pastry in colonial fireplaces, and the morning smells as sweet as the country air...