Traveler Restaurant

Stopped by the Traveler Restaurant, otherwise known as Traveler Food and Books, the other day. What a neat place.

Along with rows of books on the walls, they have signed pictures from many authors who stopped by over the years, like this one of Alex Haley below.

You get three books from the upstairs free with your meal, and downstairs they have a used bookstore with a nice selection (those cost money).

And the food isn't bad! It wasn't gourmet, but it was actually a step above what you'd expect from a 'family restaurant' of this type. Keep up the great work, guys, because you'll make it into the next edition of the Insiders' Guide.

The Baltic Restaurant, Berlin, Connecticut

Stopped by the Baltic Restaurant in Berlin the other day, and enjoyed their Polish fare immensely. One thing I tried, which I had never had before, was their Pyzy (above) - meat in dough, of course, but in a new way that was absolutely delicious. I will be back for that, and for the rest of their quality food (below). It's good to see some Polish food breaking up the landscape...


Diner, Brooklyn

Ventured over the border to Diner in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. As you can see, there is no sign outside, and unless you know it exists, you might miss it.

Inside is the shell of a beat-up diner, of course, but the food is all beautifully prepared, fresh, farm-sourced deliciousness.

Fried smelt and beef carpaccio...

Guinea hen! (You can see how the sun was setting by the darkness in these next photos.)

Arctic Char...

And rabbit legs...not one piece of this wonderful meal let us down - a totally solid meal.