Easton Historical Society

Amy and I had a lot of fun speaking at the Easton Historical Society the other day. So many people turned out - it was great to see the enthusiasm for our state's culinary treasures.

Nearby is the Helen Keller Middle School - she lived in Easton for three decades! Most people in Connecticut don't even know that. We'll be discussing her more in our next book.

At the Mattatuck Museum

Amy and I enjoyed lecturing about A History of Connecticut Food at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury - it was cool to give a presentation in such an impressive art gallery. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to talk about Connecticut food that we were all starved by the end of it. Amy and I stopped at Big Frank's for some very good barbecue. (They are owned by the same guys who do Frankie's Hot Dogs, so it was no surprise.)

Savor Connecticut

We had a lot of fun at Savor Connecticut again this year - over a hundred people showed up, and we got to taste some of the treasures of Connecticut, from Nardelli's subs to Avery's Soda to Fascia's Chocolates.

Wendy Murphy at the Naugatuck Historical Society puts it together every year, and does an amazing job. I hope everyone supports their local society - in this case one of the best in the state.